Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After registration, we will send you an email request to validate your email address. If you have not received the email within a couple of minutes, please check your junk/spam/trash mailbox. Please add onto your safe email list to ensure you will receive future correspondence from us.

After validating your email address, you use the email/password at registration to log in at Once logged in, please perform the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Subscription Options’ side menu.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select your desired plan.
  3. Enter the number of children that will use the application and select ‘New Plan’
  4. Enter your payment method on the next screen, confirm your entries and select 'Subscribe'.
  5. Click the link on the confirmation message to 'add users'.
    Alternatively, you can go to the home screen and select the 'Manage Users' side menu to add users.
  6. Enter the information for your child and click 'Add User'.
    This is the username/password the child will use to log in at
  7. For additional children, repeat the 'Add User' step above until you have added all your children.

All done! Your children can immediately log in at using their login information you have just created for them.
Your children will need to use their individual username and password that you have created for them (when you added them to your account) to log in at

If your children ever forget their password, you can use the 'Modify Users' selection, under the 'Manage Users' side menu, to change their password.
After you have made the first payment for your subscription, you can earn up to 12 subsequent months of free subscription to kiddiemath if you invite your friends (through the kiddiemath referral portal) to subscribe and make their first payment. If you have one child, you can earn one year of free subscription if you refer 12 friends who subscribe and subsequently make a first payment. If you have two children, you will need to refer 2 x 12 = 24 friends to subscribe and make their first payment in order for you to enjoy a year's worth of free kiddiemath subscription. While this credit only applies after your first payment, you can still refer a friend ahead of your first payment, which occurs at the end of your free trial period. In this case, the discount(s) will automatically apply to your next invoice(s). You may invite more than the number of friends required to earn a year of free subscription, however, you cannot earn more than one year's worth of free kiddiemath subscription.
The kiddiemath friends-connection platform is a system that allows children to connect with their friends who are also using kiddiemath, and rank themselves based on their performance. All friendships must be approved by you, the parent/guardian, and you have the option of discontinuing any existing friend connections at any time. Actual test scores are not shared among the children, only the points are shared. Under this system, a child may have perfect scores on all his/her tests but have fewer points than an average performing student. This is generally the case if the user with lower scores uses the platform a lot more frequently than the student with higher scores. This point system encourages children to spend more time practicing in order to surpass their friends.
The time each child needs will vary, however, we recommend the child spends at least 10-15 minutes a day on any given module, until they know the concept so well that their response time for each question drops to a few seconds. And yes, they can take the weekends off.
Your privacy is on the top of our list. We only store the child's username and first name. Therefore, even we do not have a way of telling whose child is who by just looking at the username and first name. To this end, we encourage parents to use generic usernames instead of a combination of first name and last name.
Yes, we use each child's performance to develop a customized learning experience for each child.
Put your child in front of this tool and have them work through a multiplication level they do not already know. Quiz them when they are done, and we think you’ll have your answer. All we ask is that you leave us a note telling us what you think. In other words, we think it is quite effective based on our first hand experience.
Some of our clients have made deals with their children where the child has received a given desired item(s) if they got to a targeted number of points, but this is really up to you, the parents. It could be more movie time, more game time, you name it. One of our students once got 1000 points in one sitting because there was some monetary benefit to them upon reaching this target.
Yes, we use the points to determine qualifications for competitions, and to track a child's progress. We also use it for competition pairing.
Points are earned not just for accuracy, but also for speed. Therefore, a user may get all the questions right but earn fewer points because of their response time. In our future versions, we intend to include a way to turn this feature off if you desire to do so.
Yes, we have 'auto mode' which will be launched soon. This module does all the selections for you. All you need to do is encourage your child to get on the computer and use the software, and we will take it from there.
A good matrix we use is the progression in levels the child is working on, and how quickly the child is answering the questions on a given level compared to their previous trials. Using this and several other matrices, we compile and summarize this information in an easy-to-read format and email you however frequently you desire....the highest frequency option being once a day.
The initial version of the kiddiemath software was intended for use among a close network of friends who had a common objective of equipping their children to excel at mathematics. It is only after this initial software proved to be effective at improving these children’s mathematical skills compared to their classmates that our founder decided to start to make it available to other children. Therefore, by using, you are joining a community of users whose children are already excelling at mathematics.

In addition, your child is able to connect with their friends to both challenge and encourage each other to improve by using our kiddiemath friends-connection platform.